Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Mold Review

There is no denying that summer is quickly approaching. Soon my freezer will be filled with tubs of ice cream and popsicles to help cool us down on a hot summers day. But like any other family we are looking for ways to save this year, and I know we will be able to save a large chunk of change with these reusable Popsicle molds.


I remember when a package of freeze pops would only cost a dollar or two, but after a┬árecent trip to the grocery store I’m realizing that even flavored water in a plastic tube is going up in price. Thank goodness I was approved to review these popsicle molds, because otherwise we would have a popsicle-free summer. I just love this product! I filled 2 of the molds with Kool Aid and waited for them to freeze. After they were frozen I added them to a glass of Kool Aid that I poured from the pitcher in the refrigerator. Nice and cold and not watered down.


No questionable ingredients
With these ice pop makers, you’re in charge. That means you and your family won’t get the artificial food dyes, flavors, and questionable ingredients you find in store-bought popsicles. Just add your favorite real fruit juice, fresh fruit, or whip up a delicious smoothie to freeze for later. You can also add your choice of healthy yogurt for a quick and tasty frozen yogurt treat. The only limit is your imagination, and since you control the ingredients, you can feel good about giving treats to your family every day of the week.
No drips, drops, or mess
Each mold has a tight fitting lid, so you don’t have to worry about drips in the freezer. You can even lie them on their sides and no liquid will escape. This also makes them great for leftovers. Just pop the lid back on and put your ice pops back in the freezer. No drips, spills, or sticky mess.
Durable silicone materials
Made from durable 100% silicone, these ice pop makers are designed with safety in mind. There’s no BPA and other chemicals found in plastic, and you’ll note no aftertaste in the finished product. Silicone is also washable, dishwasher safe, and lasts for ages without breaking down.
Fun colours
These molds come in six fun colours that kids and adults will both love. They also make a stylish addition for any summer barbecue or kids’ party.

You can order your 4 pack of Kuuk Silicone Ice Molds for $11.95 HERE! Hurry, this offer wont last long!

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