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Back To Life

It was a fun weekend. I was so happy to visit family and I know my parents were too. It’s not often that they are able to get a weekend to themselves let alone be able to travel. The drive … Continue reading

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So Many Littles

I don’t know how my sister does it. There’s so many kids! How does she have so many kids? I would tear my hair out with this much noise all day and all night all the time. And she home … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

To say we have had a rough trip would be an understatement! First we hit a traffic jam that we sat in for close to 2 hours. Apparently there had been a collision between to 18 wheelers. The highway had … Continue reading

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Family Road Trip

This will be a road trip to remember as my parents, my wife, son and I all pack ourselves in to my parents Dodge Durango for a 7 hour drive to Eastern Georgia. My neice will be 16 on Sunday … Continue reading

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Happy Happy Anniversary

3 years ago today, my wife and a I gave our vows before our family and friends. It was magical and beautiful and everything I could have ever dreamed of. Even the rain! We had a fairly large wedding party, … Continue reading

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Finally Done With Yucky House

I wanted to post yesterday but was simply too exhausted. It took 2 trips in the 26ft Uhaul truck to get everything out of our house and work shop! Our luck was up and down over the course of the … Continue reading

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Painting When I Should Be Packing

Tomorrow is moving day! I wish I could tell you all how excited I am to finally be done with packing and painting. But alas, the new house isn’t ready. My mother, my friend Lisa and I did manage to … Continue reading

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Our Orange Kitchen

The kitchen has been the hardest room so far. The white cabinets are stained and filthy, the molding is missing behind the fridge, and there isn’t even dry wall behind the stove. We wouldn’t have even noticed but we wanted … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

Pardon the inconvenience but I may be offline for a few days due to packing, cleaning and painting. We have rented a moving truck for August 12th so I only have a few more days to get the new house … Continue reading

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Big Boy Bedroom

The second room I wanted to paint was my sons room. It will be much easier to paint the other rooms in the house if little man at least has somewhere to play where he isn’t tipping over paint. He … Continue reading

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