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Today I will be reviewing a new vacuum that was recently released by Shark. I’ve gone threw a variety of vacuums over the years and I haven’t found one that can compare with the Shark Powered Lift Away. After reading this article, you’ll know what are its main strengths, its few weak points and of course where to get the best deal. The Lift-Away proves to be a high quality vacuum cleaner and a floor-care product that offers great satisfaction. The materials used are far superior to prior Rotator versions. The design is completely new, although it continues the same principles and follows the same lines as older Shark vacuum cleaner models.

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I think it’s important to note that the Lift Away comes with a 7 year warranty and it not only offers a superior clean but is also a decent price that the every day family can actually afford. My main reason for sticking with the same old beat up vacuum for so long was that the only rooms with carpet in our last 2 houses was 3 bedrooms. Since our move we have a bit more to vacuum even though it’s only the bedrooms and the office, but the Lift Away does more than just carpet. It also has a separate head for tile and hard wood.


  • Input power

1200 watts which is standard in this field

  • Suction power

The Lift Away  has a great suction power: 270 Air Watts. Compared with the nost recent Dyson which only offers 240 Air Watts, the Shark is better and cheaper however it still falls behind some Phillips and Kirby vacuums.

  • Filtration system

Shark really paid attention to the filtration aspect this time around. The Lift Away offers HEPA filtration paired with Anti Allergen Technology. The pairing ensures no airborne particles escape the vacuum.

  • Weight

Compared to many other vacuums the Lift away is significantly lightweight weighing roughly 15lbs.

  • Warranty

7 year

  • Usability

The stretch hose is 7ft long and the handle has been designed to provide an ergonomic grip to further increase the agility and ensure the safety and comfortability of your arm as you work on the surfaces. The 30ft long power cord allows you to clean large areas with ease.

The Lift Away has some great features that other vacuums I’ve had in the past didn’t offer. The first one I would like to mention is the LED lights on the vacuum head that ensures you wont miss anything hidden under the bed or table. The Lift Away is a great  vacuum for pet owners as well and cleans up all the dust bunnies that collect from our 2 dogs and 2 cats. One of my favorite features of the Lift Away is the swivel head and self propelled motor that makes vacuuming easy and comfortable. And did I mention it is also significantly quieter than any other vacuum that I’ve used?


The only downside to it was when we were learning to change vacuum heads and general use we would press the wrong release buttons but that was more my fault than design flaw because I never read directions.

There’s really nothing bad I can say about the Shark Lift Away because I loved everything about it including the color.  The Lift Away is available in Blue, Plasma Blue & Green. To learn more about the line of products visit their website at


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