The Best Coffee at The Best Price

If you are in the market for a coffee that has a bold and delicious taste, look no further than Brooklyn Bean Roastery. They’ve got everything you’re looking for and a few things you didn’t know they even made.

This dark roast extra bold is a deep, rich coffee and doesn’t have the burnt taste of a French or Italian roast. It’s very, very smooth for a dark roast and usually is the very first cup I have in the morning. It is like a slightly stronger version of the Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cup and I think it’s miles ahead of any of the Starbucks grinds. Sometimes I make it by using 6-oz setting on the Keurig machine for a slightly stronger brew but a regular 8-oz cup of this is really very nice. It makes a good, smooth, and excellent cup of coffee. 

I am very fussy about Hazelnut. For years I bought my coffee exclusively at Dunkin Donuts. Always bought it whole bean. The only Hazelnut I liked. Smooth and subtle, not sweet and overpowering. After we moved out of New England and to an area where there was no Dunkin Donuts I had to do some looking around for a new hazelnut coffee. So for months I shopped online trying this coffee and that. Some were OK… Others were terrible. I’d just about given up on finding one that I really liked. Actually I had given up. Until Brooklyn Bean reached out to me about reviewing for them. And I figured well what have I really got to lose at this point. I loved it! The coffee was better than the Dunkin Donuts coffee I had been drinking for years and wasn’t sweet and overpowering like many others I had tried. It even tastes great with no cream or sugar and like the Extra Bold roast, it didn’t have a burnt taste to it.

I decided to take a clip from their Quality page on their website.

“…We have 5 separate quality control checks that are done with each batch of beans. Everyone knows that good coffee starts with good beans so the physical characteristics of the roasts are analyzed to look for consistency in the beans for a uniform flavor. After roasting, special attention is given to the grind. The grinding process is extremely important to the end taste of the coffee- too coarse and it won’t brew properly, too thin and you can get a bitter, acidic taste. Supervisors monitor the grinding process and inspect the ground before it and be ready for packaging.

Two points of the packaging process are scrutinized for absolute perfection 1) the filling portion: all cups must get exactly the specified amount of coffee grounds in order to preform properly in brewing and 2) the end product: The single serve pods pass on a conveyer belt and are hand checked for physical defects. Every cup that has even the slightest imperfection is set aside and does not get boxed for shipment. Once the product is produced a sample can be taken from each lot for brewing -the aromatics are evaluated and the tastes are tested (Our Favorite Part!) to ensure it meets BBR standards.”

Their standards are excellent, their coffee is top of the line and their selection is unmatched by their competitors. To learn more about Brooklyn Bean and their line of coffee visit their website.

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