Fancy Feast, The Best For Cats

When it comes to what goes in my cats bellies I only want them to have the best. Many foods are full of fillers and dyes and it can be hard picking out the right food four your furry companion. If you own a cat (or rather are owned by a cat) then I’m sure you’ve heard of Fancy Feast and there is good reason for it! Fancy Feast has been around for over 30 years, providing cat owners with high quality cat food that your cat will love. 

Fancy Feast is one of the best selling cat food brands in the world, specializing in wet and dry foods. They make the following product lines: Broths, Delights with Cheddar, Gravy Lovers Gourmet Dry, Gourmet Kitten Food, Gourmet Wet, Purely and Medley. The foods also come in all kinds of formulations: Chunky, Flaked, Classic, Sliced, Marinated Morsels, Grilled, Minced, Roasted, With Gravy. And you can choose from beef, cheddar, egg, poultry, seafood, and veggie tastes for your cat.

Fancy Feast is possibly best known for its line of classic canned cat foods such as these favorites. Both the Tender Beef feast and the Chicken feast are paté or loaf-style cat foods. Fancy Feast makes a wide range of these classic canned cat foods. Using the chicken formula as an example, the food has 10.0% crude protein, 5.0% crude fat, 1.5% crude fiber, and 78% moisture. The food has higher than normal ash content for a canned food – 3.0%. Canned foods rarely have more than 3 percent ash content. The first five ingredients in the food are: Chicken, chicken broth, liver, meat byproduct and fish. This food does contain artificial flavors and added color.

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