Love Your Cat But Hate The Litter Box?

Trying to find a cat litter that will actually keep down odor can be a real challenge. Just about every brand has their own odor blocking technology but do they actually work? I can’t speak for all brands but one brand I’m sure you will love is Fresh Step’s new Extreme with Febreze. The hint of Hawaiian Aloha scent covers odors and lasts up to a week. 

With a cat this big we need Fresh Step Extreme

Now I don’t scoop as directed, I just do a full dump and clean the litter box every Sunday but I will tell you my home was odor free(at least litter box odor free, can say much about the diapers in trash cans) for a whole week. And we have two cats sharing the litter box.

Many litters that claim they keep down odor either don’t work for very long or are expensive. Fresh Step has always been a reasonably priced cat litter and in my opinion is less dusty than many other brands. Living in the south odors can get out of control under the extreme heat. We keep our litter box in our laundry room which is the warmest part of our house. There’s also a large window by the litter box where the sun comes in and really warms things up in the afternoon. If we don’t use a decent cat litter the smell would be out of control. But still, even in the heat, in the sun, there was no smell from the cat litter box.

If you’re looking to try Fresh Step in your home visit and search their expansive selection of Fresh Step products!



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