It’s a Boy!!

Our Pregnancy Announcement

I feel like just last month we found out we were expecting a baby. It’s hard hard to believe he is already here and 2 weeks old already. Since I took some time off I’m going to fill you in on our wonderful journey threw pregnancy and the birth of our son Joseph.

Our Gender Reveal

The first trimester was especially hard on my wife. She was one of the lucky ones to have morning sickness all day, every day. She was moody and groggy and was generally unhappy with everything. The only thing that seemed to make her happy was weekly trips to the salon for pedicures and some retail therapy. The second trimester was pretty much the same. Her third trimester was a roller coaster of emotions and some heavy nesting. My sister and her five children stayed with us for seven weeks so as you can imagine it only made her nesting period that much harder. She continued working until 2 days before the baby was born despite her legs and feet being swollen beyond measure. Pregnancy helped my wife find her inner princess. For the first time she wore a dress to something other than a formal affair. Actually she had multiple dresses and even did a pregnancy photo shoot wearing them the week before the baby was born.

We were lucky enough to have not one, not two, but three baby showers. The first one was hosted by my older sister while she was visiting. It was everything you could ever dream a baby shower could be. It started outside under a tent mid afternoon and ended inside with a champagne toast around 10pm. Since the theme of our nursery is native american and north american woodland I really wasn’t expecting a baby shower that went with our theme but my sister found the most amazing decorations at Party City that went perfectly. She put together 10 games like blindfolded diaper change, guess moms belly size, labor or porn, the balloon pop game(you know the one where you tie a balloon to your backside and someone has to pop it), draw the baby, baby shower bingo and so much more and the prizes were just as good as the games; gift cards to Starbucks, Ulta or Margaritaville. We had a candy bar, rainbow fruit skewers, chocolate covered strawberries, pinwheels and 2 cakes that were made by our mom. My sister really went all out. The second baby shower was held at my wife’s work on her last day. It was a surprise and it made her last day a little less hard. The third baby shower was also a surprise and was held by my Mother in law. It was an intimate baby shower with mostly family and finger foods. They knew we had an animal related theme and they centered most of their games around baby trivia. My favorite was matching baby animal names to their adult versions. Prizes were adorably wrapped products from Bath & Body Works(one of my favorite places).

Our First Baby Shower Hosted By My Sister

Our Third Baby Shower Hosted By My In-Laws

The night of our last baby shower my wife was having some heavy contractions so just to be safe we headed to the hospital to check things out. Her contractions were 10 minutes apart but she wasn’t dilating so the doctors kept us over night just to be safe. We were sent home the following afternoon and she was still only 1cm dilated. We came home and I could tell things were not right. I ran her a warm bath and gave her some space, while in the bath she thought she felt a gush of fluid but wasn’t sure. She was so upset about being sent home she didn’t want to go back to the hospital and have the nurses think she was crazy or over reacting. I asked her to call her mother to see what her opinion was, and off to the hospital we went. Since it was after 7pm the front door was closed so we had to use the emergency room entrance. There was a 20 minute wait to register because the emergency room was so full so I called Labor and Delivery and told them we were coming up and would register later. After getting in to her room and getting settled in the nurses informed us that yes her water did break but she was still only 1cm dilated. I called her mother and aunt and they came to the hospital to wait with us, we spent the whole night singing through the contractions. The following morning they checked her again, she was still only 1cm dilated. Doctor recommended pictocin and within a few hours she started to dilate. By 11am she was 6cm dilated and it was time for the epidural, but the anesthesiologist was no where to be found so we had to wait another hour┬ábefore she could get the epi. At 1pm the nurses came in to check on her again, it was baby time. They called the doctor and informed us he was on his way from another hospital and would be here soon. They instructed her not to push and to lay on her side to hold baby in. She did this for 30 minutes before the on call doctor walked in ready to catch the baby. The on call doctor as scrubbed in and putting on his gown when our doctor walked in completely unprepared. So we had to wait another 30 minutes for him to get ready. It took 3 pushes and the baby was out. A healthy baby boy weighing 6lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches long.

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