Buying for Baby, Do’s and Don’ts

Babies are expensive, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that not all things baby need to be brand new. Between furniture and baby clothes it’s easy to spend a few thousand dollars before your little bundle of joy even arrives. But does everything need to be brand new? Here’s my quick tips on how to shop for your baby on a budget.


Breast Pump

This is pretty self explanatory, however if you don’t mind finding the right hoses and nipple shields you can certainly buy a used one. However most people would rather just buy a new pump that has all the pieces already.

Car Seat

There’s tons of car seats on resale sights, but you never know what that car seat has been through with it’s previous owner/s. You don’t have the paperwork in case of recalls and you don’t know if it’s previously been in an accident or if it was left out in the rain. It’s just safer to buy new and if your keep an eye out for sales you are sure to get a good deal on something safe.


I never buy diapers off of resale sites because a few years ago someone made the news for buying opened boxes of diapers off of a Facebook yard sale site and the diapers had ant poison on them which badly burned her sweet baby.



Clothes & Baby Shoes

Especially newborn clothes. Our first son only fit his newborn clothes for a couple weeks and we had so many that he outgrew them before he had the chance to wear them. My advice is to only by a dozen newborn outfits, your little one may only wear them for a short amount of time. Our second son is almost a month old and is still fitting most of his newborn clothes. After he was born we then decided to go out and buy a few more outfits. Baby clothes can be expensive, and honestly who wants to spend $10 for a single onsie? My advice is to check out your local Facebook pages and resale stores for baby clothes. They aren’t worn for a very long time, and babies aren’t crawling around at 3 months so whats the harm in putting them in some pre-loved items? Chances are you can purchase a dozen or so pieces from a resale store for the same price as a brand new outfit from Target or Children’s Place.


Bassinets are great for new babies, but buying a new one isn’t necessary. Babies can use their bassinet until they learn to sit up and start pulling themselves up which is usually 5 months or so. Most bassinets have plastic covered pads to sleep on that are easy to disinfect and clean. If you look on your local yard sale sites or apps like LetGo you will be able to find an adorable bassinet that fits your needs for half the prices of big box stores.

Crib and Changing Table

One of my friends recently had a baby girl so we were able to share our adventure with pregnancy together. While discussing nursery themes I mentioned that I wanted espresso furniture in our nursery but didn’t want to buy new as i knew it would be expensive. She wanted a cherry set and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time putting together separate pieces from resale sites. She purchased her 3 piece set for a little over $600 while I was able to pick up four pieces from local resale sites for under $200. You would never even know they weren’t made to go together.


Most of the time these things can be found on resale sites for a third of the price you would pay for a brand new one. Bouncers can usually be found for a little over $10, $35 for rockers and $65 for a decent swing.

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