8 Reasons to Delete Social Media from Your Smartphone

8 reasons why I am deleting Facebook and other social media apps from my smart phone!

  1. Missing out on real life. I love nature and playing with my son but I know I am guilty of putting it all on hold to check a new Facebook message or notification.

2. Wastes time. When I have nothing better to do, I will scroll my timeline to see if anyone has posted anything new. If there is nothing interesting I will close the app only to check it 5 minutes later. There is so much better stuff I could be doing with my time!

3. Eats up data. I use anywhere between 15-25 gigs of data every month plus having wifi at work and home. At least 75% of my data is wasted on Facebook! 

4. Kills Battery Life. Another reason I am deleting social media apps is to preserve my phone’s charge. The batter life on smartphones isn’t great, especially when you are taking pictures to load on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I would rather preserve my battery life for taking pictures to scrap book. Or what makes even better sense, to call and text people like phones are meant to do!

5. No more pokes. Let’s face it, people you barely know poking you on Facebook is pretty creepy. What’s even worse is that people have had the option to “poke” you since day one, but Facebook still hasn’t created a dislike button.

6. Use the Skills You’ve Learned. Instead of playing Farmville, try harvesting real crops! Plant a garden, read a book on gardening, get some chickens. Real life. However if you are more in to Facebook games like mobsters I would disregard this whole statement!

7. Relationship problems. Whether you want to admit it, Facebook and other social media outlets create a lot or relationship drama. Whether someone is trash talking their significant other on their wall, or they are “Facebook cheating” it is an undeniable fact that Facebook can be serious trouble. My wife constantly gets upset with me because I ignore her and scroll Facebook.

8. We are forgetting how to talk to people. We all know those people on Facebook who talk a big game but some up short when met face to face. Social media gives people this sense of invincibility, like they can talk to people however they want.

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