Deco Mesh Wreaths for the Holidays

March has been the month of deco mesh at my house! It all started when I went to Michaels craft store and saw a beautiful spring time wreath. I had to have it and it was marked down to $17.99 from $49.99 which was a great deal. Then I had to have one for Saint Patricks Day so I asked the woman at the floral department to make another one.


What You Will Need:

  1. Pipe cleaners that are a similar color to your deco mesh
  2. At least 3 different colors of deco mesh
  3. Meal Wreath Form
  4. Accents (optional)

Less than a week after purchasing the 2 wreaths I saw a sponsored post on my Facebook Timeline advertising deco mesh for 50% off regular price. Deco mesh can be fairly expensive, a 12in wide 10 yard long roll will normally cost $9.99 and a 21 inch wide 10 yard long roll will cost $19.99 if bought from a craft store. The store I purchased mine from was a $9.99 and under store on the coast, and the deco mesh rolls were marked down to $2.49 each for the 21 inch wide roll. I spent $30 on 12 rolls of deco mesh in assorted colors. My mother then informed me that Walmart had some other colors and patterns available for $4.77 for a 21 inch wide roll. I picked up another 3 from Walmart. I also bought 2 different size metal forms to attach the mesh to. The 12 inch form is much easier and requires much less deco mesh, the finished product is about 24 inches wide. The 18 inch form requires a lot of patience and time, and will take 3-4 full rolls of mesh.


To start, the deco mesh needs to be cut in to approximately 12 inch long strips. If you purchased the 21 inch wide deco mesh you can cut strips 12 inches long and then cut it in half so its roughly 12×10.5. If it’s not even that’s ok! For a 12 inch form you will need approximately 90 12×12 or 90 12×10.5 pieces of deco mesh.


Second, roll 3 pieces of deco mesh and stack on top of each other then hold by wrapping it with a pipe cleaner. I recommend butting your pipe cleaners in half so that you don’t waste. Attach pipe cleaner to one of the wires in the middle of your metal form. If you are using a 12 inch form I suggest putting 5 groups of mesh in each section, totaling 15 pieces per section. Alternate colors so that you have a good mix, pick a nice soft color as your base.

Once you have attached all your deco mesh to your wreath you can individually “fluff” each roll and add accents. I added Easter egg picks that I purchased at Dollar Tree for 5/$1. I also wrapped me 18 inch form 2/3 of the way with burlap that I purchased at Walmart for $2.50.


Happy Crafting!

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