Horray October is Here!!

Quite possibly one of my favorite months, I am so happy that it is finally October. People can no longer look at me like I’m crazy for already being decorated for Halloween and my house will be filled with pumpkin spice everything. I am so thankful for a world where there is an October.

Growing up in New England, I was able to see all four seasons but October was always my favorite. Acres upon acres of orange, red and yellow leaves were visible from almost anywhere you went. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches were one of my all time favorites. There were small roadside markets where you could stop and get a cup of hot apple cider and some apple doughnuts. The colonial buildings that stood on the main roads looked to be right at home surrounded by the fall foliage. Fall is amazing in that way.

Now that I live in the south I don’t get to see the leaves changing colors. They seem to instantly turn brown and skip turning to warm colors. I can’t seem to find a pumpkin patch or apple orchard any where. This is the time I miss New England the most. I am fortunate to have my parents and many family members living down here with me and my mom does her best to help with the home sick feelings. She buys apples from the local farmers market and makes cider and apple sauce. Everything she cooks has pumpkin in it. And she makes her house look exactly like it did when I was little.

Home is where you make it, my mother is evidence of that. No matter where we go or how different the seasons and weather is, her house will always be home as long as she is there

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