Don’t Bully My Breed

I am so angry right now, my heart is beating out of my chest. I’m light headed, I’m sweating and my blood is boiling. The ignorance that pit bull owners face every day is outrageous. Incase you haven’t figured it out I’m very, VERY, VERY pissed off!

If you follow my blog regularly then you have read about Coal; my sweet, loyal, brilliant razor edge pit bull. Coal was rescued from a neglectful home in December of 2013, and has been living my my family ever since. He is a very intelligent boy that knows at least 12 commands in English, Portuguese and American Sign Language. He is a ball of energy whos favorite past times include herding chickens, playing fetch, going on walks, stealing the four year old’s toys, and knocking over the trash can. He isn’t a bad dog by any means and just like humans, he makes mistakes.

Although Coal has jumped the 4 foor fence that surrounds the yard(yes i do mean jumped the fence! Completely cleared it!!!) to go explore the neightborhood in the past, he has never got in to a fight or caused any damage to anyones property. When we don’t go out for walks for a few days he can get rebelious and will sometimes jump the fence to go pay visits to the neighbors and their dogs. His first stop is always at the end of the road where Pat, a dog rescuer for the county resided until she recently passed away. From there he travels a few houses up and visits the white American Bulldog, followed by a short stop across the street where a chihuahua lives. Occasionally he will go a little further and visit with the ankle biters at the other end of the road but its not often. He doesn’t jump the fence a lot, maybe a few times in a month if he is feeling really rebelious! All the neighbors know him and really love him, many of them even put out bowls of food or watch for him and give him treats or bones. Well almost all the neighbors. But in every group there is that one person who likes to start trouble.

I don’t approve of Coal running off like he does, however he has a routine and with the neighbors treating him and feeding him it makes it hard to break the habit. One neighbor however is trying to put a stop to it, a permanent and lethal stop. He has been placing rat poison in a dish for my dog. This isn’t one of the houses that Coal usually stops at, but I can see his front porch from my window. I have seen stray dogs arrive at his porch and then find them dead the next day. I have confronted him about it and he doesn’t deny poisoning the dogs, in fact he laughs and tells me I better keep my pit bull locked up. I have contacted local police, they wont do anything about it. Animal welfare laws are very lose down here and pit bulls face so many challenges just because of their breed. So the police really don’t care if there is one less pit on the street.

Not only am I dealing with the dog killing maniac across the road, I am now always on the lookout for the woman in the blue truck that tried to coax Coal over the fence and in to her truck. Recently in my county over a dozen pit bulls have gone missing out of their yards. Police say they suspect dog fighters are picking up these dogs to use as bait dogs or fighters. I caught this young woman trying to coax Coal over the fence by using dog treats. Once he jumped the fence she tried to coax him in to the back of her blue dodge pick up truck. My wife and I ran out and called him back and the woman took off. I reported it to the police but of course I think my cries went unheard.

People who don’t know Coal and don’t know the breed are often afraid of him. They want him to be caged when they visit, or held on a tight leash when we are in public. I understand their fears, after all the press has demonized this breed and made them look like blood thirsty killers. But all it takes to free yourself from misconceptions is a little bit of research. They aren’t scary, they aren’t mean. They are loyal, they are loving, they have feelings, they are protective and they trust people far to easily. Please, if you don’t know the breed don’t judge them Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the news, research it for yourself! And if you have a bully breed, please keep an eye on them when they go outside. I know these babies aren’t only going missing where I am. It’s a worldwide problem!

Don’t bully my breed!

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