Really Loving Southern Fall

Here’s a quick post for today for all my nature lovers.

While I was working at my moms house today and putting up the outdoor Halloween decorations I stumbled across a slew of beautiful critters. The first critter we found was this beautiful spotted gecko pictured below. He was in mid shed and he had almost the perfect turtle neck look going on.


The second critter we found was a beautifully colored salamander. Once I moved the wooden head stone he took off running, but he was no match for 2 adults and a 5 year old.


Last but not least while my mom was moving a 5 gallon bucket that had been laying on its side behind their storage building she found a wood turtle. The dogs had so much fun barking at him but ran away as soon as he moved.


There’s so much we miss now a days because of our phones, laptops and computers. There’s a whole world behind the screen. I strongly encourage my readers to put down their phone for 30 minutes a day and just live. Explore. Imagine. Create.

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