Understanding your House Lion

About my cats!




Commonly referred to as Gizmo the House Lion, is the brave adoptive daddy to the chickens and all small animals. He is a nine year old Maine Coon, and weighs a whopping 22lbs. He stands almost 3 feet tall on his hind legs, and thinks he is a dog. I adopted Gizmo at 6 weeks old from an animal shelter in Vermont back in 2008. He was suppose to be a gift for a friend but she was allergic so she sent him back to me, and boy am I glad she did! Gizmo spend most of his kitten months with my elderly black lab named Brandi. So while I trained Brandi he would sit beside her and mimic her every move. He knows simple commands like catch, sit, kisses, down and stay. He loves to explore outside with me, and really likes spending time with his chicken babies. Actually when our first chickens were babies he would climb in to their brooder box and sleep with them. Gizmo loves all animals, and children. He is extremely patient and has been the perfect cat for the past 9 years.



Yes you read it right, the youngest cat’s name is Pickle. She got the name because as a kitten she smelled like pickled eggs, she was a gross little thing. She is a sweet little chartreux which is kind of like the Corgi of the cat world. She has a normal cat size body, but 6 inch legs and a tiny head. Shes a funny thing to look at but is still oh so cute. Pickle was rescued from a busy road where she had been placed in a box and left outside in the cold. I’m not sure how long she was out there but when we found her she was a skinny frozen mess. Pickle has anxiety and cleans herself so much that her fur falls out. She also  goes in to hiding most of the day or when strangers come over. We were able to help her with her anxiety by purchasing a calming collar from the local pet store, and I am happy to say she is so much better. Pickle just turned 9 in September, and is Gizmo’s best friend. She loves to cuddle with her humans, and despite her small size still gives our dog a run for his money.


Common Cat Owner Problems

  • Scratching the furniture! There are many ways to fix this kind of behavior. Some people chose to de-claw, which I will never do because the whole practice is just cruel.  A more humane way to fix this behavior is Scratch tape which is sold at Walmart or pet stores or Kitty Caps. We use kitty caps, because #1. I don’t want to put tape on everything and #2 they are SO CUTE. Kitty caps come in multiple colors, and different sizes. They are exactly what the name suggests, a silicone cap that covers the cats nail. They cost 14.99 for a pack of 40 at pet smart.
  • Overweight/ Underweight. Most people leave a steady supply of food out for their cat, which can sometimes cause your feline to put on a few pounds. If your cat is overweight, take away the auto feeder and consider giving him smaller portions a few times a day. Take your overweight cat for a walk, or try to engage him in some exercise fun with feathers and toy mice. If your cat is underweight there could be something missing from their diet. Try giving your cat chicken and boiled rice, or a meat based food like Taste of the Wild. If your cat loses weight too fast, consult your local vet.
  • Aggression. If your cat is un-altered that may cause some aggression, if your cat is fixed and is still aggressive you should consider getting a calming collar from your local store. Your cat may need more space than is being provided or may be getting bore. Consider getting him or her some toys, and make a little area just for him. A cardboard box with a hole in the side is perfect place for kitty to hide
  • Marking/Refusing to use the litter box. I had this issue with all three of my cats. When Gizmo was refusing to use the litter box I had no clue why. He had used it for 5 years and was just fine, but then we figured out he couldn’t fit in the covered litter box. Pickle refused to use the litter box because of her anxiety but the calming collar fixed that. Try moving the litter box to a different location, and make sure they can fit in it. Cats are picky!

Do you have any questions about your Kitty? Leave a question or comment below and I will help as best as I can. Please note I am not a Vet, just a person with a lot of experience and research on animals!

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