Ultimate Baby Guide


Yes that’s right! We’re expecting! 

We are so happy to announce our family will be growing by one with our expected delivery date being April 11, 2017.

We first started trying to get pregnant over 2 years ago. My wife wanted to have a child before age 35 and we began to lose hope. When baby is born she will be almost 34, we can hardly believe we will be mommies to a newborn next year. We found out we were expecting a tiny bundle of joy just last month (August) and after two doctors visits we finally seen our jellybean on September 1st.

♥ ♥

My wife highly underestimated the miracle that is pregnancy. I guess she thought it would be sunshine and rainbows for a majority of the time, but lucky for her she is one of the lucky pregnant women who gets all day morning sickness. Needless to say she isn’t having a lot of fun right now.

♥ ♥ ♥

One thing that is really lifting her spirits though is all the products I have coming in for the Ultimate Baby guide. This guide will contain everything from nursery essentials to clothing and soft soled shoes. But you can’t forget about mom, this guide will also contain must have items for expecting mothers like breast feeding supplies, belly bands and the best vitamins.


Since we are starting the guide before we know the gender of our little jellybean we will have gender neutral, boy and girl items in our guide! 

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Some of the best things for baby come right from the earth so I’ll be sharing my best  organic Do It Yourself baby food recipes and will also be sharing my secret tips for making the ultimate organic baby shampoo. 

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This guide is about more than just products that you can buy for your baby, this guide will also help direct new parents and how to be spend savvy with your baby shopping. Because let’s face it, babies are expensive!

♥ ♥ 

Another big part of new baby excitement is the Baby Shower! I’m so excited to share announcement photography tips, baby shower ideas and much more with you in this guide. 

♥ ♥ ♥ 

I am still accepting submissions for our Ultimate Baby Guide, if you feel you may have a product that would be a great addition to the guide please visit my Contact Me page for contact information. 

Welcome To The Ultimate Baby Guide!

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